Oohwala has become South East Asia’s fastest growing dealer for valuable gems as well as precious jewelry objects. The supplier sincerely rooted to their “customer-first” values, Oohwala boasts the shoppers all sorts of things from common beads to special Swarovski crystals available at affordable price ranges. Complemented with professional service and smooth buying experience, Oohwala is fully committed to giving you top-quality items at an unequalled degree of service. Oohwala provides thoughtful as well as refined jewellery and essential accessories, that we all believe will certainly certainly empower and connect persons coming from practically all over the region. Oohwala is a name of C. Rashiwala Bros.¬†singapore beads shop¬†

The actual physical local store is proudly located at 100 Arab Street, Singapore. Oohwala is still South East Asia’s oldest and most creditworthy providers of Swarovski products and services. Oohwala has never stropped attaining more products for manufacturers and craft enthusiasts alike; equally for stylish and interior design. The coming merchandise will certainly include but are not confined to BeCharmed and Pave, Jewelry producing equipment, 925 silver elements, tassels, fringes and trimmings. Oohwala is based in Singapore as well as mail their merchandise across the globe.|When the Rashiwala brothers arrived in Singapore in 1925, they commenced a modest company, C. Rashiwala Bros, trading raw gemstones with local retailers and selling jewellery to well-off local settlers. They commenced what is today among the many region’s most famous vendor involving semi-precious stones and jewelry, additionally C. Rashiwala Bros is South East Asia’s first and most respected suppliers of Swarovski products. This business carried on till 1942 when WW2 broke out. The Rahiwala great grand-uncle returned to India along with grand-son and the rest of the family. The grandfather stayed behind in Singapore to protect and look after the shop. Life was harsh through the Japanese occupation. In the early days of the occupation, he hid inside nearby jungle during the day, coming out only at night time to look for foodstuff. Back then, the store was looted, fired upon & once partially set alight by a marauding mob. Broke and with what ever he could salvage from the flames, he spread-out a small canvas in front of the shop and placed the restored materials to sell. He was unable to return instantly in to the store because he was unable to pay for the $170 monthly leasing as well as for maintenance to the ruined shop. A couple of weeks later, he migrated back in to the actual shop. After the war and also the drawback of Japanese military in 1945, the shop was renovated with teak wood cabinets and exhibit units. The 3rd generation Rashiwala also returned several years later to carry on his studies in Singapore. The current owner joined his dad in the market in 1956. By then, they had launched trimmings in addition to a few haberdashery items such as sequins, beads, and so forth. In 1967, Kantilal Gamanlal Rashiwala; wrote to M/s Swarovski and successfully grew to be their first distributor in S. E. Asia. In 1978, at 16 yrs . old, The 4th generation Rashiwala run the store from their own premises at 100 Arab Street which they relocated into in 2004. They have included a fair-bit of the old post-war teak wood household furniture from their previously rented shop.|Perhaps the most recognized jewelry and craft stores in Singapore, Oohwala (better known as Rashiwala Bros located at Arab Street) continues to be offering manufacturers and hobbyists over the past 70 years. Travelers flock right down to Arab Street and stop at this store to view the myriad of rhinestones and jewels that are presented on the shelves. The retro and antique touch to the shop produces a sentimental aura that is definitely exclusive to this shop. Never assess a shop by it’s cover, the gemstones and rhinestones provided listed here are among the most affordable in Singapore, available at inexpensive price even when purchased in normal quantities. In the weeks ahead, they are adding on to their online brochure to reflect all of the items that can be found in the physical store. Their future catalogues will include but are not limited to BeCharmed and Pave, Jewelry making tools, 925 silver components, tassels, fringes and trimmings.}

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