New London 2012 Olympic Brand

Immediately saw the announcement of the new London 2012 Olympic brand. The brand vision has taken on the actual spirit of the Olympics, which is to bring people together and inspire people to press boundaries and fulfill their potential. As London 2012 Olympic Chair Sebastian Coe stated, “London 2012 will be everyone’s games”. This kind of is a solid and appropriate vision for the video games and the new brand has embraced this nature with the Olympic and Paralympic Games logos being the same for the first time in record. However, the appearance of the icon itself may very well be less successful. The Olympic committee have striven to make a brand that will appeal to teenagers to the video games and thus encourage their contribution in the games and sport in general. This kind of is a worthwhile goal for the games, especially considering the rise in childhood obesity, but it seems that they have overlooked their own eye-sight of inclusiveness and created a picture that the majority will struggle to link with. So much so in reality it has prompted an online petition for it to be scrapped, which has already received over 18, 000 signatures. Addressing the huge number of issues, the BBC has launched a competition to design an alternative logo.branding agencies London

Creating such a brash aesthetic statement is a high-risk strategy not only because it could fail to speak the spirit of the games to the the greater part of people, but because creating a strong brand is critical in appealing to private sector funding for the games and making merchandise sales. The size of the design also makes it more likely to day very quickly. In simple fact, just not forward thinking, it is viewed by many as looking like something from the 1980’s device games still five years away, it may look even more dated by the time the video games actually arrive.

It is additionally interesting to note that through the bidding process, London 2012 was billed as the first ‘green’ Olympics. This might well be embodied in much of the facilities being created for the game titles, but you cannot find any mention of this link between health benefits associated with sport and a healthy environment in the new brand vision. This may sadly lead to the 2012 games failing to help make the nearly all of their chance to communicate the benefits associated with sustainability over a global stage and showcase Birmingham and the UK as leaders in this field.

It is intended that the new brand will be dynamic and will evolve “in the years between now and 2012”, so perhaps there is certainly still hope for the Olympic brand to recover and become something that hooks up with and inspires people across society, as well as communicating a strong message about the benefits associated with sport.

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