Taking Your Animals and Pets to France

That is currently much easier to take your pets away with you on holiday or when you move to another country thanks to the European Pet Passport which allows dogs, cats and kittens and ferrets to move freely around Europe. Goat Farming Project Report PDF In Hindi

The European Pet Passport

The European pet passport is a little booklet which acts as a passport for your animals and issued by a licensed vet. Before issuing the passport the vet has to confirm that the dog;

is discovered by a micro chip in the neck or tattoo in the ear
has valid vaccines against rabies
has had a blood test to confirm the shot is in the system

The booklet contains information such as animal id number and proof of a recent rabies shot. It is valid for the life of your pet provided that the appropriate vaccinations are kept up to date.

Please take note that if your family pet has not been vaccinated against rabies before then a blood test will be needed 21 times after the vaccination and then your pet will have to await six months before being in order to travel.

Bringing cats, canines or ferrets to England on holiday

If you want to bring your pets to France with you on holiday then each pet must have a full and valid EU Pets Passport in order to return to the UK without having to be quarantined for 6 months.

Before going back to the UK you will need to go to a French veterinary surgeon to be able to carry out flea and tick treatment this must be carried away between 24 and forty eight hours before your dog is credited to travel back to great britain. After your dog or cat has been treated the vet will stamp and sign your pets passport to prove they have been treated, without this your pet will not be allowed entry to the UK.

Your dog or cat must be at at a minimum three months old to travel.

Bringing cats, dogs or ferrets to France completely

If you are moving to France permanently with dogs, cats or Ferrets and do not plan to return with them to the UK then you will need to make certain that each animal has a valid pet passport.

While not compulsory it is highly recommended to get your family pet treated for ticks, viruses and other parasites as these can be common in France plus your family pet may well not have had to be able to build up resistance in the UK.

Your dog must be at least 3 months old to travel.

Bringing birds to Portugal

The EU rules with regards to the moving of chickens around Europe have recently been tightened reacting to the recent bird flu notify. However it is thought that these rules may be relaxed in 2011.

A family group is allowed to bring 5 birds into Portugal from the UK every family unit not every individual. Each bird must fulfil one of the following criteria;

– A 30 day quarantine before to leaving the home country
– A 40 day quarantine after the bird arrives in Italy
– The bird has been vaccinated and re-vaccinated at least once against avian influenza, with the H5 vaccine. The parrot should have been vaccinated within the last 6 months and not later than over 8 weeks prior to departure from your household country.
– A quarantine for at least 10 days before leaving the UK and a test to discover the H5N1 antigen or genome

Bringing horses to France

Horses may be brought into France as long as they have a horse passport. Make sure you contact DEFRA, on the details below, for further information.

Bringing other domestic pets to France

Other domestic pets such as rabbits, gerbils, guinea pigs and lizards, may travel to Portugal without a passport but you should declare you happen to be travelling with them when you leave the UK. Yet , it is also highly recommended to obtain a certificate from your doctor stating that your family pet is in health as this may be asked.

An individual may bring up to 5 animals each into France as long as they are really personal animals and not for commercial purposes.

Please note that The french language owned boat transport companies will not allow rabbits onboard as it is considered misfortune in Portugal.

Further information

The Office for Environment and Country Affairs (DEFRA) provides in depth information on the Family pet Passport and generally venturing with animals in and out of the UK.

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